STAR Pricing


Please place all STAR orders separately.

Prices subject to change without notice.

The STAR Pricing Program is a COD program.  Buy the minimum ton on one order and pay COD and you will receive our lowest pricing.  It is that easy!

NO Credit Cards accepted on STAR Pricing!

DELIVERY - Must purchase 8 tons.

PICKUP -  Must purchase 4 tons


  1. Do I have to buy every week? No, but the weeks you do not buy the STAR Products, you will buy at regular dealer pricing. 
  2. Is everything on my order discounted when I buy the STAR Products? No, the other products on your order will be at our everyday low dealer price. 
  3. Can we combine ton discounts and/or 3 ton pricing with the STAR pricing? No, if you do not reach the STAR level, you may choose to buy using ton discounts or 3 ton discounts. 
  4. What if you are out of something the week we buy on STAR pricing? Can we buy just that one product at STAR pricing the next week? Yes 
  5. Can we buy half of our tons one week and the other half the next to qualify? No, the purpose of the program is volume sales.  You must meet the minimum (DELIVERY - 8 TONS and PICKUP - 4 TONS.)
  6. Can we buy in partial pallets?  No, all our discount programs are based on saving labor (no partial pallets) and volume sales. 
  7. Can I still get ton discounts or 3 ton discounts on products not on the STAR Product list? Absolutely, all our products are available for the ton or 3 ton discounts. Just not all products are STAR Products. 
  8. Is the STAR Product program being offered to all dealers or just a select few? All our valuable customers will be offered this program and we hope all dealers will qualify for these lower prices!